dimanche 29 juillet 2012

Deux heures vingt huit

Samedi 28 Juillet 2012

Surprise attendue depuis environ une semaine...
J'ai eu la chance extreme d'assister à l'accouchement de La Patoune. Quatre magnifiques petits monstres sont arrivés entre 2h30 et 4h du matin.

dimanche 15 juillet 2012

I'll be your friend for ever

La Patoune

Petit chat deviendra grand et aura des bébés

"Oh, someday I know somebody will look into my eyes and say "Hello! You're my very special kitten". So if you rescue me I'll never have to be alone again"

samedi 7 juillet 2012

When she goes to Dreamland

"As I write this letter, the ocean breeze feels cool on my skin. That very ocean is soon to be my grave. They tell me I will die a hero. That the safety and honor of my country will be the reward for my sacrifice. I pray they are right... My only regret in life is never telling you how I feel. I wish I were back home. I wish I were holding your hand. I wish I were telling you that I have loved you, and only you, since I was a boy. But I’m not. I see now that death is easy; it is love that is hard. As my plane dives, I will not see the face of my enemies. I will instead see your eyes, like black rocks frozen in rainwater. They tell us that we must scream, “Banzai,” as we plunge into our target. I will instead whisper your name. And in death, as in life, I will remain forever yours."

Je vous rappelle de l'ouverture de ma page Facebook  (Bien qu'au fond je déteste ce réseau social, il est bien pratique) HERE Thumbs up!